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Royal Celebration for HRH Prince Carol Ferdinand of Romania

The second birthday of His Royal Highness Prince Carol Ferdinand of Romania was the most important national event for the beginning of 2012. Romanian officials, artists and politicians, along with all mass-media took part at the celebrations in Bucharest.

The First Lady, Mrs. Maria Basescu, the official Godmother of the little boy, offered him gifts on behalf of the presidential family. Her private visit of an hour and a half was the most precious present for His Royal Highness Prince Carol Ferdinand of Romania, who is very fond of His Excellency Mr. President Traian Basescu and his wife, Maria.


Happy Brithday, Your Royal Highness!

His Royal Highness Prince Carol Ferdinand of Romania is being celebrated today, on his second birthday. Born in Bucharest, on the 11th of January 2010, at the ”Queen Mary” Hospital, the son of Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Paul of Romania is the first member of the Royal Family to be born in Romania in the last 90 years.

On his birthday, the Little Prince will be with his parents. A reception at the Bucharest royal residence was organized for the special family event. Close friends and family will attend, along with Romanian First Lady, Mrs. Maria Băsescu, the baptism spiritual mother of Prince Carol Ferdinand.


H.R.H. Prince Paul of Romania was honored in China

On his last recent visit in China, T.R.H. Prince and Princess Paul of Romania visited the cities of Beijing and Shanghai. On this occasion, H.R.H. Prince Paul of Romania was honored by the Chinese representants of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was bestowed the honorific title of Romanian-Chinese Friendship Ambassador, becoming the forth Romanian to receive this medal.


The HRH Prince Paul of Romania Royal Family Schedule For Christmas 2011

The Romanian Royal Family - TRH Prince and Princess Paul of Romania will celebrate Christmas with their son, Carol Ferdinand, at their Bucharest residence. Here, they will receive the visits of carol singers and Santa Claus. One of the most important moments will be the religious ceremony at the Patriachy, where the Little Prince will receive his annual Christmas blessing.

Friday, 23rd of December 2011

At noon, Mrs. Aurica Popovici from Suceava county will offer the Royal Family the Christmas cake. Baked by herself with natural ingredients, the special dessert is specially created for Their Royal Highnesses every year.

At 14.00, the childrean and the teenagers from Omenia Foundation will arrive at the royal residence to sing carols for HRH Prince Carol Ferdinand of Romania. They will be offered traditional sweets and gifts. Later that day, the reporters from Kanal D television will interview TRH Prince and Princess Paul of Romania on the last Christmas preparations.

In the evening, the Royal Family will be the guests of Mrs. Monica Stan TV show on the main national Romanian channel, TVR 1.

Saturday, 24th of December 2011

On Christmas Eve, at noon, TRH Prince and Princess Paul of Romania and their son will address their Christmas greetings for the Romanian people. The message will be available on the official royal website. In the evening, Santa Claus will arrive carrying his sack of gifts for the Little Prince Carol Ferdinand.

Sunday, 25th of December 2011

In the First Christmas day, the Royal Family will attend the religious ceremony at the Romanian Patriarchy. Here, HRH Prince Carol Ferdinand of Romania will receive his annual blessing. Lunch will be at the Tiganesti Monastery, near Bucharest and the evening will be spend at home, where the Royal Family will listen to carols and will eat traditional Romanian sweets.


HRH Princess Lia of Romania Offered a Hot Meal For the Street Children

A premiere for Romania! For the first time, a member of the Romanian Royal House visits the homeless street children who live in the sewers.

This Wednesday, very early in the morning, HRH Princess Lia of Romania went in five Bucharest areas where she offered 110 packages with hot meals, home-made sweets and juices.


Remembrance Day

TRH Prince and Princess Paul of Romania were present on Sunday, the 13th of November, at Remembrance Day, organised by the Embassy of The Kingdom of Great Britain in Tâncăbești. The solemn event is celebrated on the 11 day of the 11 month of the year, at 11 o’clock, but the religioous ceremony took place the following Sunday.


66 Romanian Jandarms left for Afganistan

The Solemn Appeal of the Romanian Jandarms was one of the most important event of this fall and, along with many personalities, TRH Prince and Princess Paul attended. His Excellency The USA Ambassador Mr. Mark Gitenstein and His Excellency The Chinese Ambassador Mr. Liu Zengwen were also present.


Letter to my uncle Michael, on his 90th birthday

Dear Uncle,

Today, on your 90th birthday, I would like to wish you “Happy Birthday!”, good health and the power to accept and to respect a reality expressed by yourself in this special day.

You used big words, interestingly put, and even poetic, some with a secret meaning, in phrases that should remain forever in the memory of all Romanians.

Before everything, you rushed into counting the years that you served Romania. From this period, I think it is fair we take out the 50 years of communism in which you did nothing for our people. Wishing them a wonderful winter and Easter holidays cannot make up for all the hard times your abdication left them to.

Thanks to our German Hohenzollern roots, our family is known and respected all around the world for being honest, fair, dedicated, loyal, generous and with dignity.

With sadness and regret, I have the courage to declare that the reality we live today owes nothing to you. It owes the children of tomorrow that you, so poetically stated, borrowed us our country. We have to leave them an improved Romania, more beautiful, more proud and more respected than today.

A royal family that is fighting a dark past and not so honorable past, surrounded by political jackals, that only follow their interests, cannot convince the people, which already has a bad situation, that it is “a symbol of the past, a unique representation of independence, suzerainty and unity”, as you said today.

Like the moment of your abdication, the attempt to mystify history by illegally changing a Royal Constitution in a republic, regarding the Salic law, shows greed from some family members that do not share our royal blood, but have their own interests, interests that cannot receive sympathy, nor respect from our nation.

In the name of my late father, your older brother, whom you have recognized in all the European countries when sharing the inheritance from my grand-father, HM Carol II, except for Romania, where the persons you served for 84 years dictated that to you, in the name of my son, Prince Carol Ferdinand, I ask you to show dignity, courage, loyalty and modesty by recognizing and respecting the historical TRUTH that you are part of, even if not in the way that the great Romanian people would have deserved you to be.


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The National Arena Opening

The inauguration of the National Arena was the moment everyone waited for. TRH Prince Paul and Princess Lia of Romania attended the event on the 6th of September. The first game on the new stadium was disputed between the Romanian national team and the French national team.


Honorific citizens of Stremt

One of the key moments in the life of a community is when its ”Sons” gather, from all the corners of the world, to celebrate. It is not important if the village is small or big, one can never forget the place of birth. Her Royal Highness Princess Lia of Romania never forgot her origins are in Stremt, Alba country, so, on the 14th of August, together with His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Romania, took part, along with local authorities, to this unique Romanian tradition.



TRH Prince Paul and Princess Lia, special guests on "Draga mea prietena/My Dear Friend" Show

On the 19th of August, Their Royal Highnesses Prince Paul and Princess Lia of Romania were invited to “Draga mea prietena”, the new morning TV show on Kanal D. “We felt great on the show, where the discussions we had were friendly, and Mrs. Gabriela Cristea Toader is an amazing host. We think the new show is already a great success, mainly because it covers a lot of the life and the problems people have. It also keeps a strong connection to it’s public”, said Their Royal Highnesses shortly after the end of the live TV show.



Farewell to an EU Visionary, HIRH Prince Otto von Habsburg

One of the founders of the European Union, long considered to be a staunch proponent of Romania’s accession into the body, passed away in his home in Pocking, Germany. Memorial services and requiems were held in Munich and Paris, while the final resting place was in Vienna to accord the Head of the Habsburg dynasty the respect he so richly deserved.


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