HRH Prince Paul of Romania

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The 30th Anniversary of Bernadotte Art Awards

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1. Romanian Royal couple had the distinct pleasure of congratulating HIH Farah Diba on her outstanding speech about the Swedish NGO’s contributions to young artists.
2. With Princess Christina, younger sister of HM King Carl Gustav of Sweden and her husband Tord Magnuson.
3. With HRH Prince Carl Philip, son of King Carl Gustav of Sweden.
4. With Loreen, winner of the Eurovision 2012.


The Royal Family Visited Livezeni Coal Mine

T.R.H. Prince and Princess Paul were honored in Petrosani where Prince Paul received the title of Citizen of Honor from Mayor Tiberiu Iacob-Ridzi.

During their visit in Valea Jiului, Prince Paul and Princess Lia visited a school, but also Livezeni coal mine where they offered the Royal Brochure to all the miners finishing their workday.


Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Paul of Romania guests of honor at the biggest junior tennis tournament in Europe

Their Royal Highnesses Prince Paul and Princess Lia, together with Romanian Tennis Federation president, Mrs. Ruxandra Dragomir, honored Saturday, April 28, the winners of the largest children's and junior tournament ever organized in Romania: Dr. Oetker Junior Trophy.

Jaqueline Cristian won the feminine division, after a final confrontation with Slovakian Teresa Slovak. The prizes for the two tennis players were awarded by Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Paul of Romania.


Romanian Royal Family Easter Message

Easter is the moment when we should all appreciate the blessings in our lives and the people we have close to our hearts. May this Holy Resurrection celebration bring us divine miracles: Belief, Love, Hope and Kindness. The Lord’s sacrifice for our Salvation makes the troubled find peace, the hateful open their hearts to forgiveness and love, and the rich discover the joy of generosity. Happy Easter!


Prince Carol Ferdinand, interested in the traditional crafts

Bucharest, April 24, 2012

The Romanian Royal Family – The First Line of Succession was recently invited to a unique event organized by the Hotel Caro in Bucharest: ”Bunny Factory”. Specially created for children of all ages, the workshops fascinated His royal Highness Prince Carol Ferdinand who was fascinated by the pottery area. He spent several minutes hypnotized by the artist who was working on a Romanian traditional pot. The same event gave the Little Prince the opportunity to ride a Police motorcycle for the first time and to be awarded a SMURD diploma for ”saving” a mannequin-doll.



The Youngest Gendarm: H.R.H. Prince Carol Ferdinand

Bucharest, April 3, 2012

At the celebrations dedicated to the Romanian Gendarmerie, H.R.H. Prince Carol Ferdinand wore a gendarme costume specially tailored for him. The uniform was created by the official tailor of the Romanian Gendarmerie.


The Romanian Royal Family – First Line of Succession, Guest of Honor at The 162 Years Celebration Of the Gendarmerie

Bucharest, April 3, 2012

The Romanian Gendarmerie is celebrating, today, 3 April 2012, 162 years since the Moldovian Sovereign Grigore Alexandru Ghica has signed the decree to create this military division.

T.R.H. Prince and Princess Lia, together with their son, will be the guests of honor at the military ceremony which will be held outside Bucharest, in Băneasa area.


H.R.H. Prince Paul of Romania, guest of H.M. King Mohammed VI of Morocco

T.R.H. Prince and Princess Paul of Romania have recently returned from a private visit in Morocco as guests of H.M. King Mohammed VI. The Romanian Royal couple travelled with their son, H.R.H. Prince Carol Ferdinand of Romania. This is the second royal visit from the beginning of this year, after attending the Gstaad Music Festival organised by H.H. Princess Caroline Murrat.

The Romanian Royal visit marks and important moment in the close relations betweenthe Moroccan and the Romanian Royal Families. H.R.H. Prince Carol Ferdinand, who turned two years old last month.

In 2010, H.H. Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui, the cousin of H.M. King Mohammed VI, was the guest of honor at the religious baptism of H.R.H. Prince CarolFerdinand of Romania. She represented the Moroccan Royal Family at the national event in Bucharest. The official baptism godparents of the Little Prince are H.E. Romanian President Traian Basescu and his wife, Mrs. Maria Basescu.

This is the first Romanian Royal visit after the Supreme Court decision in the historical Exequatur trial between H.R.H. Prince Paul of Romania and his uncle, Michael I of Romania.


Happy Birthday, Princess Lia!

Her Royal Highness Princess Lia of Romania celebrated her birthday together with her family and close friends. ”It is a great joy for me to share all the special moments of my life with the people close to my heart. I wish for myself, my family and all the Romanians to be in good health”, stated H.R.H. Princess Lia of Romania.


TRH Prince and Princess Paul of Romania, invited for the third time on "My dear friend" TV Show

For the third time since this season, Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Paul of Romania were invited to one of the most popular TV programs in Romania: ”My dear friend”. The Kanal D show is moderated by Mrs. Gabriela Cristea Toader. ”On our return from Morocco, we gladly accepted Gabriela’s invitation to be on her show and to talk about the recent events in our family”, stated HRH Princess Lia of Romania.


HRH Prince Paul of Romania’s Statement on the Romanian Supreme Court Decision

Bucharest, 14 February, 2012

With enthusiasm and responsibility, I salute the decision of the Supreme Court in Romania.

I express my hope that what today’s decision will represent a first step to reconciliation and peace in the Romanian Royal Family.

We are witnesses of an historical and democratic event, that I hope will be of great help in the positive evolution process of Romania.

Respecting the Republic we now live in, I will continue to unconditionally dedicate my life to the actions of promoting a correct image of Romania abroad. This is a duty of honor for each member of the Royal Family.

God bless Romania!


The Romanian Supreme Court Recognizes HRH Prince Paul of Romania As Heir Of HM King Carol II of Romania. The Decision Is IRREVOCABLE

The Romanian Supreme Court of Justice released, on the 14th of February 2012, the civil decision nr. 954, in the file nr.5696/2/2009, with the following content:

“Admits the exception for the lack of passive involvement of Miquette Luce Yvonne cook, in the appeal. Rejects the exception for the lack of interest in promoting the first reason for the appeal, as without motive. Admits the appeal declared by His Majesty King Michael I of Romania and Her Royal Highness Princess Anne de Bourbon-Parma against the decision nr. 427A from 12 July 2010 in the Bucharest Court of Appeal – Civil Section III and for families with under aged children. Modifies the decision: admits the appeal of His Majesty King Michael I of Romania and Her Royal Highness Princess Anne de Bourbon-Parma against the sentence nr. 182 from 29 December 2008 in the Teleorman Tribunal – Civil Section, in contradiction with the claimants His Royal Highness Prince Paul Philippe of Romania and His Royal Highness Prince Nicolas Alexander and the separate claimant Emma Louise Ropner. The Court changes, partially, the sentence, meaning that: it admits the exception of the lack of active involvement of Emma Louise Ropner. Admits the exception for the lack of the capacity to use of the accused Urdărianu Monique. Rejects the action from the claimant Emma Louise Ropner as being introduced by a person who has no involvement in this case. Rejects the action introduced by the claimant His Royal Highness Prince Carol Mircea Grigore of Hohenzollern of Romania, deceased, and continued by his heirs His Royal Highness Prince Paul Philippe of Romania and His Royal Highness Prince Nicolas Alexander against the accused Urdarianu Monique for the lack of her rights to be involved. Approves the other dispositions of the sentence regarding the admissions of the action introduced by the above claimants, in contradiction with the recognition on the territory of Romania of the civil sentence from 6 February 1955 pronounced in the file nr. 234 from 4 December 1954 in the Tribunal of Lisbon -  Section I, Portugal. Rejects the appeal introduced by His Majesty King Michael I of Romania and Her Royal Highness Princess Anne de Bourbon-Parma against the same sentence, in contradiction with the claimant Miquette Luce Yvonne Cook, as being introduced by a person who did not have any rights to act in this matter. Irrevocable.”



Bucharest, 31 January, 2012

The Exequatur trial started by His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Romania is close to an end. The judges of the Romanian Supreme Court announced, today, that next Tuesday, on the 7th of February 2012, they will make public their verdict. “From 1991, when I started this legal action, I have never lost my faith in the Romanian justice. This trial is dedicated to my father, His Royal Highness Prince Carol Mircea of Romania, and my family”, stated HRH Prince Paul of Romania.

9 Processes Won In 4 EU Countries Over 57 years

1955, Portugal – HRH Prince Carol Mircea won the process against his younger brother, ex-King Michael.  The Lisbon Tribunal then pronounced Prince Carol Mircea, first born son of HM King Carol II of Romania. Afterwards, Michael legally recognized his older brother.  The Succession was opened and the Royal Estate divided according to the Napoleonic Code which was Prince Carol Mircea, 37 ½%, ex-King Michael, 37 ½% and the widow, Princess Elena (born Lupescu), 25%. The abovementioned marriage of King Carol II and Princess Ioana Valentina was found to have not been morganatic.

1957, France – Ex-King Michael lost again the process against his older brother, Carol Mircea.  The Tribunal of the Grand Instance recognized the Portuguese decision by an Exequatur.  They also recognized that all 4 countries, i.e. Portugal, Romania, Germany and France are governed by the same Napoleonic Code.

1963, France – Michael lost his appeal to The Court of Cassation (Supreme Court) against Carol Mircea. Immediately after, Michael again recognized his elder brother’s Rights of Succession and equally divided the Estate in France.

1964, United Kingdom – This time, the High Court appointed HRH Prince Carol Mircea as the Trustee to his late father’s (HM King Carol II) estate and as the person to distribute the other shares of the estate to his younger brother, ex-King Michael and the widow of his father.  Michael accepted, from his older brother, his part of the estate in the U.K. The British authorities issued a special passport, a Travel Document, in the name of HRH Prince Carol of Hohenzollern, Prince of Romania. Ex-King Michael was, at that time, also using the title of Prince of Hohenzollern.

1991- 2012, Romania - Prince Paul had won three times against his uncle, ex-King Michael in the Court of Appeals.

In 1991, Prince Paul opened the process of Exequatur for his father, Prince Carol Mircea, to legalize the earlier Portuguese (1955) victorious decision and have it accepted in Romania.  With sufficient proof that there was political interference, Prince Paul won a decision to change the venue of the trial from Bucharest and have it moved to the nearby jurisdiction of Alexandria.

In 1995, Prince Paul won the process against his uncle. Ex-King Michael appealed. His reasons were weak and only technical complaints.  Michael lost in 18 March, 1999 in The Court of Appeals. However, in 2002, the politically appointed General Prosecutor overturned Prince Paul’s win, without cause, demanded a retrial and had the case returned for re-judgment to the Lower Court of Alexandria, to the shock of legal scholars and journalists. The EU intervened and changed the Civil Code Procedures to prevent, ever again, a General Prosecutor from interfering and overturning definitive court decisions.

In 2002, Prince Paul won, definitive, for a second time in the Court of Appeals with the right to execute the decision.

In 2004, Prince Paul as a matter ofs honor, rectified his father’s, Prince Carol Mircea Grigore, incomplete Birth Certificate to fill in the full name of his father, HM King Carol II of Romania.

In 2005, due to the documented evidence of political inference and the extreme lengthiness of the trial, Prince Paul was able to introduce, in a rapid manner, a process in The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, against the Romanian state.

In August, 2010, Prince Paul won The European Court of Human Rights which recognized the ’55 & ‘57 Portuguese and French victories and criticized both ex-King Michael and his wife, HRH Princess Ana of Romania. It ruled against the previous Romanian government which allowed the abuse of the Romanian courts, which delayed making the obvious decision of recognition for20 years. Prince Paul’s father, Prince Carol Mircea, sadly, had died before hearing the verdict.

In 2010, Ex-King Michael lost the Court of Appeals for the third time. The decision became definitive and the case was moved onto The High Court of Cassation and Justice (Supreme Court).

In 2011, the trial is pushed on the 31st of January 2012, because of a minor technical detail.

In 2012, the judges of the Romanian Supreme Court announced they will give a sentence on the 7th of February 2012.

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