HRH Prince Paul of Romania

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President of Romanian Academy Receives Prince Paul’s Latest Book

"A Royal Tribute to Romania" will be presented on Royalty Day to high schools, gratis, when ASR Prince Paul will speak to hundreds of students


The Little Prince visiting the "Bunny Factory"

A week before the Orthodox Easter, TRH Prince Paul, Princess Lia and the Little Prince Carol Ferdinand visited the "Bunny Factory" (Fabrica Iepurasilor) at Hotel Caro in Bucharest.


General Dragnea Proudly Receives Prince Paul’s New Book

War hero, General Marin Dragnea, distinguished President of the National Association of War Veterans (600,000 members) accepted a personally dedicated book “A Royal Tribute to Romania” from author HRH Prince Paul of Romania.


Celebrating 163 years of the Romanian Gendarme

The event took place at the headquarters of the Gendarmes in Baneasa, followed by a military ceremony in which different officials of the police, secret service, air force, marine, veterans of war, town hall and government, as well as the Presidency, including HRH Prince Paul of Romania, placed on the monument of the heroes of the gendarmerie wreaths. The President of the chamber of Deputies was present.


Book presentation at Vila Bran - 30.03.2013

TRH Prince and Princess Paul of Romania were invited at a conference organized by Florentina Opris at Club Vila Bran. Prince Paul presented his book “A Royal tribute to Romania” and it followed a session of photographs and dedication of the book for the large audience.


The Prince Paul Foundation for Romania - Targets 2013



The Prince Paul Foundation for Romania has 3 important targets for 2013:

  1. Prizes for the meritorious cadets from the Academy of Gendarmes in Romania
  2. Scholarships for the best music students accepted in the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London
  3. Publishing and launching a history book A Royal Tribute to Romania for the period from 1839 to 1940, a collection of historical documents, letters, royal objects and over 600 unique photos, a book of 330 pages.


BRD Societe General Agenţia Dacia - Str. Cihoschi nr. 2, sector 1, București
EUR: RO96BRDE445SV84581264450, swift BRDEROBU

EUR: RO26RZBR0000060008836334, swift RZBRROBU

3 000 €                5 000 €             10 000 €
20 000 €             30 000 €          100 000 €




The Statute of the Royal Family according to the last Royal Constitution (1938)

In the case of a reigning monarch, which is not the case in Romania in present, the Statute of the Royal Family cannot be modified by the King, but only by the procedure provided by the amendment of the Constitution.


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Bucharest Mayor Oprescu's Christmas Concert

The talented beauty Paula Seling was one of the headliners for the glamorous holiday concert hosted by the popular mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu. Their Royal Highnesses congratulated the singer afterward the starfilled event.


Visit at Dimitrie Gusti Highschool

Dimitrie Gusti High School was the site of the latest Prince Paul of Romania Foundation protocol. History books ("Mircea the Elder" and "What It Means to be a Romanian" by noted historian Neagu Djuvara), Nike basketballs and footballs (thanks to Mihai Ivanescu), Gett's Beauty Salon complete makeover coupons and generous food baskets from Mr. Stoicescu were passed out to the students. After Christmas carols and a breathtaking break dance demonstration, the culinary hit of the party was Nora Seroussi's Texas West Restaurant cake shaped like a cowboy hat.


Saint Nicholas Day

Prince Paul and Princess Lia together with their son, Prince Carol Ferdinand, gave Jumbo Christmas stockings filled with imported chocolates, sweets and decorations to each child at the kindergarten of School no. 26. Mr. John Robinson was their generous donor.


The Gendarmerie Military Academy

Each graduation Prince Paul gives 1000 Euros to the outstanding cadets.



Acasa TV star reporter interviews the Royal Family

Ioana Moldovan has become a trusted friend of Prince and Princess Paul and was welcomed to film an interview about the recent wedding of President Basescu’s daughter, Elena. HRH Prince Paul was pleased that his son, little Prince Carol Ferdinand, attended the wedding in his Gendarmerie uniform.


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