HRH Prince Paul of Romania

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Royal wedding in Istanbul

Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Paul of Romania were invited by their good friend His Majesty King Fouad II of Egypt to the marriage of his son HRH Prince Said Mohammed Ali Farouk to HRH Princess Noal bint Daoud ibn Zaher Shah, granddaughter of King Zaher Shah of Afghanistan.

The beautiful setting for the wedding was The Ciragan Palace, once the splendid residence of the last Ottoman Sultans of Turkey.


The wedding of Professor Philippe Greciano and Marie is happily attended by Prince Paul

Four generations of the Romanian Royal Family have been blessed with the friendship of the Greciano family of aristocratic origin. From Crown Prince Carol (later King Carol II of Romania) and Crown Princess Ioana Valentina (born Lambrino), who’s marriage was declared both legal and religiously correct by the Romanian Consul to Odesa diplomat Stefan Greciano in 1918, to the remarkable war time friendship in Paris, between Prince Carol Mircea of Romania and George Greciano, member of the resistance and writer, then the valuable assistance given by his son, doctor Rodolphe and his charming, learned, wife professor Gertrude Greciano which assured the victory of Prince Paul in the European Court of Human Rights and finally to the honor that the family gave us by attending the baptism of our son, Little Prince Carol Ferdinand of Romania, in Bucharest.


Prince Serban Sturdza hosts a Happy Birthday Party for Prince Paul

One of Prince Paul's favourite resort hotels is Cherica Hotel which has been lovingly restored to its turn of the century grandeur by family owners Prince Serban and Princess Andreea Sturdza. The entire Royal Family had a fun filled and relaxing stay while celebrating Prince Paul’s birthday with His Grace Arch Bishop Teodosie, Brazilian Ambassador and Misses Remundo Magno and other dear friends. The happiest moment was seeing the growing friendship between the Sturdza children, Zoe and Anton, with Carol Ferdinand.


Happy Birthday Prince Paul !!!

The day of the 13th of August 2013 is definetly a good luck charm for Prince Paul, beeing his BIRTHDAY !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Prince Paul !!!


10 delighted children were baptized in the presence of their new Honorary Godparents, TRH Prince Paul and Princess Lia of Romania

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

The "Christian Orthodox International Alliance" beautifully organized the visit of the Romanian Royal Family to Republic of Moldova.


The Village Museum was the site of a weekend long celebration of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day

The Royal Family happily visited the traditional arts and crafts exhibitions because they feel that all children should be exposed to their roots via music, history and the fun of tasting delicious regional dishes from all parts of the country.


The Gradutation Ceremony for The Military School of Junior Officers of the Jandarmerie "Grigore Alexandru Ghica"

The top two cadets of the prestigious military academy, Georgian Toader and Gabriela Sandu, were awarded 1,000 Euros each by the Patron of the Jandarmerie, HRH Prince Paul of Romania.


The funeral of HRH Prince Moritz Landgrave of Hesse


On the 3rd of June 2013 TRH Prince Paul and Princess Lia of Romania attended the funeral of HRH Prince Moritz Landgrave of Hesse, who was the honorary godfather of their son, HRH Prince Carol Ferdinand. They stayed at the Schlosshotel Kronberg, a beautiful castle which belongs to the family and was transformed by HRH Prince Moritz into one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Germany.

A dinner was organized in the evening by the oldest son, HRH Prince Donatus Landgrave of Hesse, which was attended by TRH Prince Paul and Princess Lia of Romania, HM Queen Sofia of Spain, HM King Constantine of Greece, HM King Simeon of Bulgaria, HIH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, HH Prince Karl of Hohenzollern, HM Queen Elisabeth II of England represented by her Equerry, Lt. Colonel Charles Richards, cvo, HRH Princess Sarvath of Jordan and many other princely families.

The funeral was the next morning in the historical Johannes church at Kronberg, TRH Prince Paul and Princess Lia were seated in the first 4 front rows in the left side of the Church together with the Monarchs, Royal Highnesses and cousins of HRH Prince Moritz.

Six members of the Order of Malta and Saint John of Jerusalem were standing in uniform next to the coffin which was covered with the flag bearing the emblem of the family of Hesse.

After the funeral the guests left in several private buses for a buffet-lunch at the Schlosshotel in Kronberg.


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The Queen Marie Golf Cup Tournament is a huge success under the High Patronage of HRH Prince Paul of Romania

The first ever Queen Marie Golf Cup was held at the glamorous lighthouse Golf Club Hotel & Spa between high level Romanian and Bulgarian amateur golfers.


President of Romanian Academy Receives Prince Paul’s Latest Book

"A Royal Tribute to Romania" will be presented on Royalty Day to high schools, gratis, when ASR Prince Paul will speak to hundreds of students


The Little Prince visiting the "Bunny Factory"

A week before the Orthodox Easter, TRH Prince Paul, Princess Lia and the Little Prince Carol Ferdinand visited the "Bunny Factory" (Fabrica Iepurasilor) at Hotel Caro in Bucharest.


General Dragnea Proudly Receives Prince Paul’s New Book

War hero, General Marin Dragnea, distinguished President of the National Association of War Veterans (600,000 members) accepted a personally dedicated book “A Royal Tribute to Romania” from author HRH Prince Paul of Romania.

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