HRH Prince Paul of Romania

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Home News Letter to my uncle Michael, on his 90th birthday

Letter to my uncle Michael, on his 90th birthday

Dear Uncle,

Today, on your 90th birthday, I would like to wish you “Happy Birthday!”, good health and the power to accept and to respect a reality expressed by yourself in this special day.

You used big words, interestingly put, and even poetic, some with a secret meaning, in phrases that should remain forever in the memory of all Romanians.

Before everything, you rushed into counting the years that you served Romania. From this period, I think it is fair we take out the 50 years of communism in which you did nothing for our people. Wishing them a wonderful winter and Easter holidays cannot make up for all the hard times your abdication left them to.

Thanks to our German Hohenzollern roots, our family is known and respected all around the world for being honest, fair, dedicated, loyal, generous and with dignity.

With sadness and regret, I have the courage to declare that the reality we live today owes nothing to you. It owes the children of tomorrow that you, so poetically stated, borrowed us our country. We have to leave them an improved Romania, more beautiful, more proud and more respected than today.

A royal family that is fighting a dark past and not so honorable past, surrounded by political jackals, that only follow their interests, cannot convince the people, which already has a bad situation, that it is “a symbol of the past, a unique representation of independence, suzerainty and unity”, as you said today.

Like the moment of your abdication, the attempt to mystify history by illegally changing a Royal Constitution in a republic, regarding the Salic law, shows greed from some family members that do not share our royal blood, but have their own interests, interests that cannot receive sympathy, nor respect from our nation.

In the name of my late father, your older brother, whom you have recognized in all the European countries when sharing the inheritance from my grand-father, HM Carol II, except for Romania, where the persons you served for 84 years dictated that to you, in the name of my son, Prince Carol Ferdinand, I ask you to show dignity, courage, loyalty and modesty by recognizing and respecting the historical TRUTH that you are part of, even if not in the way that the great Romanian people would have deserved you to be.


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