HRH Prince Paul of Romania

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H.R.H. Prince Paul of Romania, Princess Lia and Prince Carol Ferdinand have received the presidential invitation for the National Day of France

H.R.H. Prince Paul of Romania, Princess Lia and Prince Carol Ferdinand have been invited by the President of France to celebrate the National Day of France. Little Prince Carol Ferdinand was there too and received compliments about his romanian national blouse (iie) from the First Lady Brigitte Macron. Impressed by the perfect french spoken by little Carol Ferdinand, the First Lady of France asked him how many languages does he speak, to which he proudly replied that he speaks 4 languages but his favourite is romanian. Prince Paul and the President Emanuel Macron spoke of the tight relations between Romania and France and the sincere friendhsip uniting both countries.

Princess Lia of Romania, Prince Paul and Prince Carol Ferdinand attended a Perfect Evening

Princess Lia of Romania, Prince Paul and Prince Carol Ferdinand  came to Chisinau with a charity mission.

They went to Chisinau for the 6th time. "Today we went there especially for Carol Ferdinand, who was the first to come to Chisinau ", said Prince Paul, borned and raised in Paris. "I lived in France for 13 years. I had french education and that is why I wanted Carol to be able to speak french. We speak French at home. I spent my youth in France, and I left to England after that ", he said.

Find out the rest of the story in the below interview.


Superkombat in Milan

Eduard Eremia produced another supersuccesful, Superkomat, this time in Milan. Prince Paul of Romania accompanied with his wife Princess Lia of Romania and the little Prince Carol Ferdinand was asked to give the Womens World Champion's silver belt to romanian .Cristiana Stancu.The Tenis great Ilie Nastase also presented some highawords










Semper Musica has recently launched a project "Learning from the best"

Cristina Herea gave a moving speech , which was supported by Her Royal Highness Princess Lia , who is always deeply involved in coming to the aid of children.


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The Little Prince Pays His Respect to His late Cousin, Furst, Prince Carl of Wied

The distinguished direct descendant of the first Queen of Romania, Elisabeta I (born Princess of Wied), The Furst, Prince Carl of Wied passed away. His funeral was attended by the many Heads of Princely German Families. Little Prince Carol Ferdinand joined his parents to salute his respected cousin and express condolences to his remarkable widow, Princess Isabelle and the new Furst, soon-to-be 16, Prince Maximillian. Carol Ferdinand conducted himself correctly throughout the 2 hr. Mass, the procession through the forest to the resting place of the Fursts and the reception in the Palace. He also had the pleasure of getting to know and play with his young German cousins and the special surprise of lovely quality time with his charming Honorary Godmother, Princess Madeleine of Bentheim and Steinfurt. The 5 year old Carol Ferdinand truly shown as a gentleman and a real prince.


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Superkombat success in Romania

Respected Chinese Hollywood actress/producer Bai Ling visited Romania for 2 diverse events. One was Superkombat, broadcast in 93 countries with karate, kung fu and kick box fighters from Italy, Poland, Nigeria, USA, Romania, etc. Miss Ling was a perfect judge because when she was a soldier in the red army, she became a martial arts expert. The Royal couple and their son, little Prince Carol Ferdinand, attended the press conference and applauded the professionalism of the promoter Eduard Irimia.


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Crown Prince Alois of Liechtenstein launches the art exhibition of Pal Sarkozy

Famous artist Pal Sarkozy, father of the former President of France and dear friend of Prince Paul of Romania opened his most recent show in Vaduz. The Crown Prince Alois graced the exhibition with his distinguished presence along with the popular Deputy Prime Minister Thomas Zweifelhofer.


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7th of January - Old calendar Christmas for the Orthodox Faith - Republic of Moldova

"Bacause we made a promise to return every Christmas to visit the 20 children who are our honorary godchildren, my wife and I have made this visit a tradition for the Royal Family. Now, the number of orphans or abandoned children that were given new toys, new clothes, sweets and chocolates has increased to 50. When I make a promise, especially to children I consider it a sacred bond." (Prince Paul)



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International Cat Exhibition

TT.RR.HH. Prince and Princess Paul of Romania and their son, Prince Carol Ferdinand, enjoyed holding and admiring the world’s largest and smallest cats at the Palace Exhibition Hall


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