HRH Prince Paul of Romania

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A Royal Tribute to Romania by HM King Ferdinand's great grandson H.R.H. Prince Paul of Romania



"A Royal Tribute to Romania" is a truthful, objective, yet positive and balanced history of the contributions, diplomatic triumphs on a global scale, military acumen, romantic sagas, personal foibles and crushing disappointments experienced by each generation of the Romanian Royal Family. Over 600 sepia tinted, black/white and in color photos were selected.

Because HRH Prince Paul of Romania, as the great grandson of HM King Ferdinand and the grandson of HM King Carol II, inherited the Royal Archives, he chose to celebrate his remarkable victory in the Romanian Supreme Court by sharing with the public the documents and photographs that had been seen solely by members of the Family and a selected few. These include the private collections of HM Queen Marie of Romania; her sons, King Carol II and Prince Nicholas; the first wife of King Carol II, briefly, yet officially named as the Crown Princess Ioana Valentina (born Lambrino) and the first born legal son of King Carol II, Prince Carol Mircea of Romania.

The book reveals the truth about the first marriage of Crown Prince Carol (later King Carol II) and Crown Princess Ioana and the relationship of the Imperial Byzantine Lambrino-Rangabe Family with the Romanian Royal Family.

The book has the, previously unseen by the public, private documents and private correspondence between King Ferdinand and Queen Marie; the diplomatic passport of King Carol; the pilot's license and driver's license of Prince Nicholas; Queen Marie's poignant final letter to her son, King Carol II, sharing with him her last wishes; King Carol's diploma, presented at the Peles Castle; private letters from the Royal Family, i.e. letters from TM King George VI, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth II, etc. Also featured are the numerous private letters from the Kings and Queens of Europe, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, secret letters from The Minister of Foreign Affairs Lord Halifax during WWII and many more. Historical documents outlining secret negotiations between King Carol II, in exile, in Mexico with the dictator Stalin, with an agreement to re-install King Carol II, immediately, to his Throne. The messenger of these negotiations was Stalin's Soviet ambassador to Mexico, Constantin Oumansky, who was mysteriously assassinated by a bomb. Recently, members of the old KGB, confirmed these findings. Fascinating letters from the gifted composer, George Enescu and private family messages from the German Princely family of the Hohenzollerns, who were the founders of the Romanian Royal Dynasty.

The rare and magnificent Royal objects that are in Prince Paul's private collection are featured in vivid color photos. These Royal objects include the solid gold Bible, commissioned in Vienna and presented to King Carol I to celebrate the birthday of the seven year old Prince Carol (later King Carol II). There are also handsome photos of the Royal Scepter, with both ends sculpted in gold, highlighting the Royal symbols of power. It was commissioned by the last jeweler of Emperor Napoleon III of France. Additionally, this Volume #1 includes the Royal Seals and decorations.

Prince Paul's book is a riveting, yet highly entertaining historical epic for you to enjoy.


Price:   50 €




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