HRH Prince Paul of Romania

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Romania’s Favorite German Prince, Johann Georg of Hohenzollern Rests in Peace in Sigmaringen

His Serene Highness Johann Georg von Hohenzollern sadly passed away. He was married to HRH Princess Birgitta of Sweden, sister of HM The King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden. The Royal Family of Romania, Senior Branch (who has remained in continued good relations with the Hohenzollern Princely House) was represented by HRH Princess Lia of Romania at the funeral in the Hohenzollern Church in Sigmaringen and reception at the castle. Seated together were the many distinguished guests such as Their Majesties The King Carl Gustaf XVI and Queen Silvia, their son, Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden, His Imperial Highness Prince Georg of Prussia, members of the Romanov Family and numerous Fursts of the German Princely Families. He was a cousin and one of the best friends of HRH Prince Paul of Romania.


Hansi as he was called by his army of admirers was one of the first foreigners to come to Romania after the Revolution, where he distinguished himself by actively supporting and shipping equipment and resources to the National Museum of Art (Bucharest), organized tourist delegations and co-hosted with Prince Paul of Romania several cultural and religious events throughout our country. One memorable German/Austrian delegation was hosted by Archbishop Pimen in Suceava.

The distinguished Furst Prince Karl of Hohenzollern and his elegant wife, Princess Katharina graciously hosted a reception for the friends of his uncle, Prince Johann Georg in their remarkable Sigmaringen Castle.